Entrepreneurship for Senior Secondary

Not just Schooling, but Learning

Issues of unemployment ranks at the top of problems facing our country and it has now gone beyond what the government alone can address. A major means of reducing the instance of this problem is to ensure that graduates and school leavers are well equipped with adequate knowledge and skills to identify and take advantage of the available opportunities to start up new businesses and become job creators and employers of labour rather than seekers of unavailable jobs. It is to this end that entrepreneurship studies was introduced into the Secondary School Curriculum.

However, one major inhibitor to the success of this scheme is the dearth of quality educational materials to equip both teachers and students of entrepreneurship studies, particularly at the secondary school level, with what to teach and what to learn respectively.

The book “Entrepreneurship for Senior Secondary” has been specifically put together to effectively address the foregoing problem. Rudiments of Entrepreneur, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship are distinctly analysed such that students don’t just get schooled but learn. Every students will find it easy to identify their weaknesses and strengths and how they can be effectively channelled into a successful and gainful business venture.

The book will also embed in the consciousness of the students, the importance and the need for them to be job creators and not job seekers at a very early stage in their life so that they can begin to prepare for the future in the proper way.