Entrepreneurship Made in Lagos for Kwara

In twenty-two chapters, this book presents nineteen chapters of papers written and presented on diverse areas of enterprise creation, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs at different times in the decade of entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurship practice in Kwara State by the author.

In the concluding last three chapters that completed the first series of Entrepreneurship Made in Lagos for Kwara is the case of an entrepreneur of Kwara origin, Jani Ibrahim and his LUBCON Group, to drive home the point that enterprises are created by entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurship drive over time.

More importantly, the book presents the fact that every lesson and challenge that we encounter in our daily living is a pre-requisite for that success that is ahead of us tomorrow.

This is the first in the series of Entrepreneurship Made in Lagos for Kwara, and will soon be followed, in subsequent series, by stories of other successful entrepreneurs of Kwara origin whose cases would serve as a learning tool for those of us that are desirous of creating and nurturing successful enterprises to qualify us to be referred to as 'successful entrepreneurs.'