Institutional Leadership and Governance: The African Perspective

This chapter, which is about institutional leadership and governance, examines leadership from the institutional perspective, but, in the African context. Context is virtually important because it shapes the opportunity structure of any time (Mayo & Nohria, 2005). The peculiarity of the African continent would require that the chapter examines leadership and governance as most of the economies of Africa are still practically dominated by government activities in so many dimensions where governance is poor. Neglecting governance therefore would mean not doing justice to the leadership context. Since leadership in context is not leadership that emerges solely from the qualities of the human character, but leadership that springs forth from an appreciation and understanding of one's situation in the world, and the situation, in this respect includes; economic, social and political conditions that change over time, and these changes require distinct leadership styles and approaches for success, the tripod of institution, leadership and governance are therefore critical for success.