Managing Domestic and Multinational Enterprises in Emerging Markets

This book is a contribution to literature on strategies of managing multinational and domestic enterprises, particularly in emerging economies/markets. It provides a basis for comparison of enterprises, domestic or multinational, adopting a multi-dimensional research approach.

The study, as reported in this book examined the strategy decision process, the strategy decisions, the organizational structure, culture and style, the parent company influence and corporate governance related strategic evaluation and control, as well as the managerial perspective of such strategies by Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) and Domestic Enterprises (DEs) in the emerging markets’ business environment.

The need to identify factors responsible for success/failure of MNEs and DEs in emerging economies is one of the reasons why the research, as reported in this book, focused on the strategies for managing the MNEs and DEs in the emerging economies/markets of selected countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Singapore and United Arab Emirates.