Statecraft: Laying the Foundation For Modern Development

Statecraft: Laying the Foundation for Modern Development is a book on governance that focuses on the link between stated objectives and the achievement of such set goals and objectives. Statecraft represents the art and science of governance which from the perspective of the focus of this book examined governance from the point of view of promises made and the extent to which such promises have been fulfilled.

In the twelve chapters of this book, various researchers from diverse backgrounds examined different aspects of the economy of Kwara State, from revenue to education, health, electricity, agriculture, housing, religion and culture, in an attempt to explain the growth experienced in the eight years of Governor Bukola Saraki’s administration of the state.

Statecraft adopted a unique methodology in appraising the activities of the government under review. The approach subjected the administration of Governor Bukola Salaki to the promises made, particularly at inception, making copious references to the words of His Excellency in most cases. The purpose of adopting this research method in Statecraft is to begin the subjecting our leaders to objective and empirical assessment and accountability.